The Instagram Suicide Network (2019)

An investigation based on the phone of a 17-year-old teenager who killed herself has revealed the shocking scale of self-harm and suicide material being shared across networks of private Instagram accounts. 

The BBC has been able to see inside the mobile of the Norwegian teen - who live posted her suicide on Instagram. New analysis by a team of Norwegian journalists at NRK has revealed that she was linked to another 1000 accounts all posting similar dangerous content - around half of them in English. At least another 14 girls in the same Instagram network have also taken their own lives. 

Reporter & Director - Catrin Nye

Producer - Ed Main 

Cinematography - Sebastien Rabas

Editor - Paul Bryan

News Editor - Liz Gibbons 

NRK Team - Annemarte Moland, Ruben Solvang, Even Kjolleberg, Ståle Hansen

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