Secrets of Silicon Valley (2017)

In this two-part series Jamie Bartlett uncovers the reality behind Silicon Valley's glittering promise to build a better world. The tech gods believe progress is powered by technology tearing up the world as it is - a process they call disruption.

He visits Uber's lavish offices in San Francisco and hears how the company believes it is improving our cities. But in Hyderabad in India, Jamie sees for himself the human consequences of Uber's utopian vision - drivers driven to suicide over falling earnings. Riding shotgun in a truck as it drives itself for more than a hundred miles on a highway, Jamie asks what the next wave of Silicon Valley's global disruption - the automation of millions of jobs - will mean for all of us. In search of answers, he gets a warning from an artificial intelligence pioneer who is replacing doctors with software - an economic shock is coming, faster than any of us have realised.

I undertook a 10-day shoot in the USA which made up roughly 25% of the final films footage.

You can see the final films here on BBC iPlayer.

Presenter - Jamie Bartlett

Cinematographer - Sebastien Rabas (USA shoot)

Editor - Dominic McMahon

Assistant Producer - Jamie Hamilton

Producer - Jamie Grayson

Series Producer - Tristan Quinn 

Executive Producer - Mike Radford

Producer/Director - Jack Rampling 

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