The Fight for Rojava (2019)

In 2017, 25-year-old Anna Campbell travelled in secret from the UK to northern Syria. She was heading for Rojava, the Kurdish territory in the north of the country. Anna went to the front line to fight with the Kurdish armed forces, YPJ. A month later she was killed by a Turkish air strike.

This film follows Anna's father Dirk as he travels to Rojava one year after her death. By meeting her YPJ comrades and talking to those displaced by the war, he learns about the Syrian Kurds and the cause his daughter was willing to die for.

I undertook a shoot in Syria for BBC This World 60' film "Anna: The Woman Who Went to Fight ISIS" and was then asked to edit produce a 24' film for the BBC Our World.

Watch the full film on BBC iPlayer here.

Producer/Director - Marina Parker
Cinematographer - Sebastien Rabas (Syria shoot)
Location Producer - Hisham Arafat
Editor - Soul Nazemi 
Edit Producer - Sebastien Rabas
Executive Producer - Sarah Waldron
Using Format